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Coaching: Luxury or Necessity?

For many people, getting a coach seems like a luxury – that is until they actually start working with one.  Then they start experiencing growth. In this series I’m going to introduce you to several unique clients I have worked with over the years.  I’m going to share their ups, downs, and most importantly their return on investment (ROI). The names have been changed to protect confidentiality, but the stories are real.  Come along on this journey with me and I’ll introduce you to:

  • Young professionals trying to figure out how to find purpose and meaning in work
  • Professionals who needed help on how to build their network & personal brand
  • Senior level professionals who needed more challenge
  • Professionals who needed help figuring out how to navigate politics & build influence to get things done
  • Mid-career professionals who were written off by the boss
  • Reserved clients who were searching for their voice
  • Clients who were too hard on themselves and needed to quieten their inner critic
  • Those who were stuck in a grind with no little to no work-life balance

Join me for the next several blogs as we take a virtual road trip to explore what the coaching experience looked like for clients who were ready for change.

Career coaching can help you navigate the road ahead, providing a map to get you where you really want to go.

How Coaching Starts Off

Most people come to coaching because something is missing or because they are stuck. My job as your coach is to help you figure our what you TRULY want out of work and life. All of the stories I am going to share begin with something missing:

  • There is not enough challenge
  • Too much work and little to no personal life 
  • Reputation has been damaged
  • Work doesn’t have meaning or purpose
  • Want to be seen as more of a leader
  • Can’t figure out how to speak up without being off-putting
  • Need a fresh start in a new industry because theirs is declining

Regardless of why a person comes to coaching, it’s helpful to know some basic guidelines around How To Choose an Executive Coach.

How Coaching Evolves

Even in the most challenging environment, you will see growth when you apply the right elements.

You’ll notice in the stories I share that everyone brings a different agenda to coaching.  However unique someone’s situation, the coaching journey contains several of the same elements:

  • Pinpointing EXACTLY what is missing
  • Setting major goals  
  • Taking steps to move towards those goals
  • Accountability

The agenda for each coaching session is set by the client.  We will always focus on the major goals, while still making time to work through other issues that come up along the way.  At some point, the topic of work-life balance will come up. Many high performing people sacrifice look for fulfillment in their career.  They become all work and no play.  Eventually they realize this is a big issue – hopefully sooner rather than later.

How Coaching Ends

As you’ll see with the stories I share, some clients come to coaching for a specific need or issue.  Others, however, find it useful to work with a coach long term.  I feel honored to have have several clients who have been working with me for years.  They say they value the clarity and accountability they get from coaching.  

Regardless of the duration of the coaching engagement, it’s important to close out the time together with reflection.  In the last session, we celebrate successes and acknowledge disappointments that occurred along the way.  We revisit all the learning and change that has occurred during the coaching engagement.  It’s very insightful and many clients say it’s cathartic.  

Next week we’ll take a look at Chris, a high performing vice-president at a medium-sized family-owned company.  Chris came to coaching feeling bored and unchallenged.  However, Chris had stayed because the current role offered a good work-life balance, along with good pay and stability.  Chris’ initial goal was to change jobs.  You’ll be surprised at the twists and turns Chris’ journey took and where things landed.  


The end of the coaching engagement is a time for reflection and celebration of all a client has learned and accomplished. 

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