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Get creative with remote work and “wow” your employees by having a weekly huddle.

Looking to connect more with remote employees?  Here’s some practical advice from Simon Sinek & his team on hosting a Weekly Huddle on Zoom.  Right now I am hearing from clients that employees are struggling with mental health in the face of remote work and isolation. What I love about this resource is that it models what a healthy team meeting should look like complete with relationship building and vulnerability.  When you watch this, you’ll feel like Simon’s team is really in this together.  

(16 minute video)

Need some positivity in your own life? Start using The Five Minute Journal and see how easy is it to be happier and more productive at work and at home.  I love this resource because it provides results and it doesn’t add any additional time to my day.  I simply do it while having my morning coffee.  Through daily affirmations and answering the question, “What would make today great?”, I am more productive and show up in the world how I want to!  I can’t say enough good things about adding this daily practice to your life.

(5 minutes)

Daily journaling can be quick and simple with a tool like “The Five Minute Journal.”
Building resilience is like building a muscle.

Remote work, homeschool, social distancing…   You may not have been ready for the change, but rest assured that you can spread your wings by Building Your Resilience.  One practical takeaway from this article is that you can strengthen your personal resilience like you strengthen your muscles.  Doing things like taking care of your body, investing in trusting relationships and maintaining a hopeful outlook are easy ways to develop stronger resilience.             

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