Coaching for HR

HR can be a very rewarding, but also very lonely job. Let’s face it, you set the standard. While you will enjoy many parts of your role, you will struggle with some. That’s where Stacey can help. She has mentored dozens of HR professionals over the course of the past 20 years and can help you navigate the road ahead. Also, because she is a certified coach,, she will work with you to develop REAL coaching skills you need to help others around you succeed.

New and Aspiring HR Professionals

Individual Contributor

Congratulations! You have decided on a rewarding and exciting career! Whether you have already landed your first HR role or are trying to break into the field, Stacey can help you create a path that will bring you the most satisfaction and engagement.  She will ask you the questions that will help you get in your ideal role faster.

HR Managers and Department Leaders

manager and Emerging Leader

You are now several years into the field of HR and managing the HR function and/or quite possibly a department. This is an exciting time to develop your leadership skills, personal brand and reputation. It will be challenging as you determine how to juggle and prioritize many competing demands with a workforce and world that is changing at a rapid pace. Stacey will help you work through the clutter to develop a strong plan to move your organization forward and have high personal impact. 

HR Directors and Senior Leaders

strategic leader of the function

You are now the leader of the function for your entire organization. You and your department support the executive team and entire employee population. You now are responsible for providing the strategy to engage employees through the entire employment lifecycle.  With so much pressure for your time and corporate politics to boot, it’s often hard to even know where to begin.  Stacey will help you sift through the competing demands and establish a winning strategy to surprise and delight your stakeholders.  Plus, through effective strategy and execution, your organization will be known as an employer of choice.